Aeronautical Engineering Level 1: Making Basic Flying Things!


Skill Level:  Aeronautical Engineering Level 1

Badges Earned: Aeronautical Engineering Level 1

Description: To earn your Level 1 Aero Badge, you’re going to have to dig deep and make some of the most intricate paper airplanes you’ve ever tried. If you eventually want to build a quad copter, you need to understand how things fly, and the aerodynamics of flying objects. Part two asks that you design a plastic propellor toy that can be used for your own amusement.

Part 1: 

For this first part, choose three separate paper airplanes to create. You’ll mostly only need paper, a ruler, and scissors. Take pictures, and keep a record of which ones fly farther.

Go here and choose three:

Part 2: 

For this second part, you will need to use the 3D Printer. You’re going to re-create this plastic propellor toy using and the 3D Printer.

Resources that will help:

File Your Plan:

Always Fill out a Challenge Proposal: Design Thinking Challenge Template. 

Some tips along the way: Always document your process. Take pictures and video, if you can. Why? Creating a “demo video” of all of your projects. Why? They can be used as evidence of completion. One demo video can be enough evidence to receive numerous badges.

Earn Your Badges:  When you’re done. you’ll earn the badges below!





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