Circuitry and Electronics Level 3: Littlebits Solutions

Skill Level: Level 3

Badges Earned: Electronics and Circuitry Level 3

Description: Now that you’ve had a chance to create your own circuits, it’s time to build a solution, using Littlebits parts and circuits. Littlebits are snap together circuits, but they can really be “amped” up to create solutions for many problems. We’re going to use Littlebits to create something original and amazing that: solves a problem. 

Start by taking a look at some of these projects. Find a few that you like: 

Option 1: Fork a project. 

Forking a project, is taking a previous project, but then modifying and building on it, to create something that is completely your own. Like any research project, you need to give credit to original authors of the project. Remember to fill out a challenge proposal and start defining your problem. 

Option 2: Build your own idea.

You can certainly have been “inspired” by some of the above projects, but if you want to create something totally your own with Littlebits- that’s your second option. Remember to also fill out a challenge proposal.

What’s a good problem to solve? 

Remember that specific problems = specific audiences. Solving boredom is never a real problem, but creating, say, a mechanical pencil someone those people who might need assistance is. 

Time to completion:  No more than three weeks. 

How long should this project take you? This Littlebits project should take you a maximum of three weeks. Remember to create something to challenge yourself. Create lofty goals. Aim high.

NOTE: Can you think about creating something that has a different design? Is there a way you can improve the design? If so, document that in your process.

Some tips along the way: Take pictures of your final joint, and get an instructor to visually check out your joint, if you can. Create a “demo video” of all of your projects. Why? They can be used as evidence of completion. One demo video can be enough evidence to receive numerous badges. Only needs to be about 30 seconds to 1 minute.

Earn Your Badges:  When you’re done, earn your badge!




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