Machines and Robotics Level 3: Autonomous Robot


Arduino UNO
Arduino UNO

Skill Level: Level 3

Badges Earned: Machines and Robotics Level 3

Description: Now that you have experience programming a robot to complete a simple task using a couple of sensors, it is literally time to take it to the next level. Your project for level 3 is to create an autonomous navigating robot using and Arduino UNO and multiple sensors. You will complete this level in parts.

Part 1 – Arduino Basic Badge: To help you get familiar with Arduino, watch the tutorial below on how to get your Arduino Basic Badge.



Part 2 – The Coding Environment:  In the tutorial below you will be taking a look at

Part 3 – Arduino Tutorials: Check out these cool arduino tutorials by Jeremy Blum which will help you understand the arduino better.

Bump switch with wires soldered.
Bump switch with wires soldered.

Part 4 – Building your Bot: Essentially you will be building a robot similar to the one shown in the video below, but with a couple of changes. The robot in the video uses only one sensor which helps it detect something that is in front. You will improve your robot by adding at least 3 bump switches to act as bump sensors so that your robot can “feel” if it is about to crash on its sides or on its back. As for the body, you will design it and have the option to 3D print it or laser cut it.

But before you create anything, fill out a Challenge Proposal.  What spin can you put on this robot that solves a problem?

Some tips along the way: Document and take pictures of your progress. Also, not that you are dealing with several components it is key to trouble shoot each part thoroughly before going on to the next. For example, test your motors and and each sensor individually, before testing the sensors and the motors together.

Earn Your Badges:  When you’re done, earn your badge!






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