Virtual Reality: Create a Virtual Room Using Blender

Image via Wikimedia
Image via Wikimedia

Skill Level: Level 3

Badges Earned: Virtual Reality Level 3

Description: Now- big deal here. You’re going to create a 3 dimensional room using Blender, which is available for PC or Mac. Blender is animation program that allows you to create Hollywood-style special effects with 3D. Now- with Google Cardboard- we can export those experiences, upload them to YouTube for viewing in Google Cardboard.

How awesome is that?

Part 1: Get Your Idea ON! Fill Out a Challenge Proposal

So- you need to create a simulated room- what’s it going to be?  And how is it going to solve a problem? How does Virtual Reality solve problems? That’s going to be your question to help you as you create your Challenge proposals.

Fill That Out Now! 

Part 2: Getting Started with Blender

You’ll need a PC or a Mac, and a GREAT idea! Now that your idea is good, start digging in on the Blender Tutorial. You don’t have to go through the whole thing, if you think you’re getting the hang of it.  YouTube also has some great getting started tutorials, if you want to find one of your own.

Getting Started with Blender (link)

Part 3: Create a Room with Blender

There are many tutorials for Blender, and some are going to be way more complicated than others. Here’s a couple of links that will get you started, but keep in mind- they move FAST. Don’t forget to pause, rewind, and ASK question when to have them.

Blender Architecture Tutorials. Use these to help you create your room. Keep it simple.

Create a Never Ending Room in Blender (subway).  This one moves quite fast, but if you pause, you should still be able to follow along. It’s a little more advanced, but the instructor does explain everything very well.

Part 4: Add some basic animation to your room. 

This tutorial shows you how to create a basic moving ball. You can certainly get more creative, but this should give you the knowledge to get moving on an animation of your own. What will it be?

Part 5: Export Your 3D Animation to for YouTube:

Part 6: Upload to the Quest STEAM Channel- and test it out! 

This is what a final Blender Animation looks like in 3D video:

When you have Google Cardboard, you’ll need to get the app:



Some tips along the way: Take pictures of your final project, and get an instructor to visually check out your project, if you can. Always create a “demo video” of all of your projects. Why? They can be used as evidence of completion. One demo video can be enough evidence to receive numerous badges. Only needs to be about 30 seconds to 1 minute.

Earn Your Badges:  When you’re done, earn your badge!




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