Arduino Basic


Skill Level: Basic Level

Badges Earned: Arduino Basic

Description: For this badge, you’re going to dip your toes into programming the Arduino UNO. You’ll start by simulating programming an Arduino microcontroller. How do you do that? Before you even pick up any hardware you’re going to use and use this free, online tool to create and publish your first Arduino program!

Part 1: Go to, and Log in with an AutoDesk account. 

This could be your own Autodesk account (or the class Tinkercad Account will work). Log in, then watch this 5 minute walk through.

Part 2: Publish Your Arduino Simulation! 

To earn this badge, you will need to share your Arduino Simulation. Once you are done creating the simulation, name it:

Once you’ve named it, go back to your library, and click on your new published circuit. Copy the URL and SAVE that link. You’ll need that link for evidence of your badge.

Part 3: Now do it for REAL

Now that you’ve created your Arduino circuit, snag an Arduino Kit, and run the software on the device. Your kit should have:

  • Arduino Uno
  • A Breadboard
  • A 220 ohm resistor
  • An LED
  • A few jumper cables

Follow the rest of these directions on the Arduino website. You can also find the code for the Arduino here:

Part 4:  

Upload your software using Codebender. Plug the Arduino Uno into your Chromebook, and then open Codebender and “Let’s Go.”  You’ll may notice the Blink code is pre-loaded! The challenge with Codebender is the make sure that you choose the correct port on your Chromebook for connectivity. Use this graphic to connect your LED and transistor? (Question: on the LED which one is the positive and which is negative?)


Final Step! Create your video, and now you have 2 pieces of evidence for your Arduino Basic badge!

Estimated Time: One to two class periods.

Some tips along the way: Take video of your final project, and get an instructor to visually check out your project, if you can. Always create a “demo video” of all of your projects. Why? They can be used as evidence of completion. One demo video can be enough evidence to receive numerous badges. Only needs to be about 30 seconds to 1 minute.

Earn Your Badges:  When you’re done, earn your badge!



You are the student. You are in charge. Don’t let us teachers get in the way. Will you have questions? Yes. Will you want guidance? Of course. But this is your time, to accomplish what you want, and to learn the skills that fit with your dreams.

Go for it.




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